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Palm Tavern

Friends of the Palm Tavern over the years

James "Genial Jim" Knight - Original Owner in 1933 and First Mayor of Bronzeville in Chicago

"Short History of the Mayor of Bronzeville" by Nathan Thompson

Geraldine "Mama Gerri" Oliver - Second Owner and still operating the Palm Tavern

Gerri Oliver Honored by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley - Feb. 2000

Gerri Oliver Honored by Illinois Gov. George Ryan - Feb. 1999

Letter of Congratulations from Gov. Ryan on 66th Anniversary of Opening of Palm Tavern

Fernando Jones - Blues Musician, Author, Playwright regularly appearing at the Palm Tavern today

Fernando Jones - Blues Kids of America

Billy Branch - World Class Blues Harmonica and Gerri's God Son

Billy Branch and Blues in the Schools

Mayor Harold Washington - First African-American Mayor of Chicago, Illinois

Ralph Metcalfe - Congressman and Olympian

Josephine Baker - Actress, WWII French Resistence Fighter and World Humanitarian

Dorothy Donegan - Jazz Pianist

Etta Moten Barnett - Legendary Broadway Star of Porgy and Bess

Earl B. Dickerson - Chicago Alderman and Lawyer who argued before the US Supreme Court Important Civil Rights case

Dizzy Gillespie - Jazz Trumpeter

Quincy Jones - Jazz Musician

Von Freeman - Jazz Saxophone

Johnny Griffin - Jazz Saxophone

Herbie Hancock - Pianist, Composer, and Bandleader. See Picture of Gerri Oliver on a picnic with Herbie Hancock's Dad

Captain Walter Dyett - Legendary Jazz Bandleader at Du Sable High School

Count Basie - Swing Music Band Leader

Duke Ellington - Jazz Musician, Band Leader

Flip Wilson - Comedian

C.W. Floyd, Successful Businessman names his daughter after Gerri Oliver.

Gilbert "Gil" Daspit - Jazz DJ for WHPK

Mwata Bowden - Jazz Musician

For more history on the people of Bronzeville, Click here to visit the Jazz Institute of Chicago webpage.