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Palm Tavern
Plays that Kept It Alive

Entertainment at Gerri's Palm Tavern

3 plays by Fernando Jones

If you like cutting edge theatre, and are in the Chicagoland area anytime soon, come see . . . Oh yeah, all shows are only $10, . . . and children and students can come, too.

All shows @ Palm Tavern 446 East 47th Street, Chicago 773-995-6389 773-373-6292 Reserve seat by email to BLUESNEWZ@aol.com and get $2 off ticket.

Saturday, January 27th opening night

Also runs every Saturday in February at 8:00 PM Drama o 60 minutes A passionate and theatrical experience about the Blues told through 1 character, Betty Louise, portrayed by 3 woman . . . at the same time. If you like poetry mixed with the Blues, strong Black women, and stimulating conversations, you'll love this. Starring Kimm Beavers, Ebony McLaurin, Constance Rice Music offstage: Mike Brown (drums), Michael "The Chicago Harp Monster" Bryant (bass), Fernando Jones (guitar)

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Friday, February 2nd opening night

Runs every Friday in February at 8:00 PM Interactive dramatic comedy w/live music o 60 minutes 3 suburbanites go to a Blues club on the Southside of Chicago in hopes of playing on stage with the Black Bluesmen. Needless to say, they are forced to perform and exchange philosophies in the alley. While there, they are confronted and challenged by people going in and coming out of the club. Starring: Dan Beaver, Richard Reed, Lizbeth Silva, Marvin Gilbert, and Mike Brown with special guest appearances by Marilynn Claire and Michael "The Chicago Harp Monster" Bryant Characters: Billy Hill, Rock, School Girl, Udig, Mike, and Chump Change

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Friday & Saturday at 9:30 PM with an open run (The most successful and longest running play on the Southside of Chicago . . . in its 3rd yr.)

Interactive dramatic comedy w/live music o 105 minutes Filled with the art of jive talk, real life situations, and original music, this interactive theatrical masterpiece is a raw and honest look inside the lives of 8 friends set in the basement of a Chicago Southside club on 47th Street called T's. This world famous "hole in the wall" serves as a social center, forum, and home base for all run by T, a no nonsense proprietor. While addressing issues such as the establishment, youth, racism, classism, sexism, gender, and relationships, this story tells how they survive and continually reinvent themselves. The future and status of this music and culture are dealt with throughout. Starring: Mike Brown, Michael Bryant, Marvin Gilbert, Fernando Jones, Edith Lane, Ebony McLaurin, Constance Rice, and Gregory Twymon

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The Palm Tavern was the last opportunity to experience the Bronzeville of 47th Street.